All-Ceramic Crowns

All-ceramic crowns serve as a beautiful solution for restoring a cracked, fractured, chipped, severely decayed or discolored tooth. All-ceramic crowns maintain and protect the structure of a tooth, while restoring its surface, function and feel in a totally discreet and esthetic way.

While dental crowns are available in a range of material including gold and porcelain-fused-to-metal, all ceramic crowns provide the most natural looking result. They’re highly resistant to staining, virtually indistinguishable from surrounding teeth, remarkably strong and long lasting.

The all-ceramic crown placement process starts with the preparation of the tooth site. The existing tooth structure is shaped and modified to remove any decay and provide the base for the crown’s impression. The process is very simple to complete and is totally comfortable and painless thanks to light dental anesthetic. Once the impression is cast, it’s used to fabricate the all ceramic crown and ensures a perfect fit that suits your surrounding smile.

When the laboratory fabrication process is complete, the all-ceramic crown can be permanently bonded to the tooth site. Once the bonding is set, the all-ceramic crown will allow you to enjoy a full diet. You can easily brush, floss and maintain your oral hygiene with an all-porcelain crown, as well as smile, speak and laugh with confidence. With proper care, all-ceramic crowns can last as long as fifteen years, after which they can be updated through a simple process.

To determine if all-ceramic crowns are right for your restoration, contact us directly and arrange an appointment.

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